2018 Drama Production – Miss Saigon: School Edition

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We are pleased to announce that tickets for the 2018 SBRHS Drama Department Spring Musical Production of “MISS SAIGON: SCHOOL EDITION” are officially on-sale now! Performances will take place in the SBRHS Performing Arts Center on Friday, May 11th at 7:00 p.m., Saturday, May 12th at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., and on Sunday, May 13th at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 for Adults and $12 for Students, Children and Senior Citizens. Here are the ways to order:

1. Online though TicketLeap.com – visit sbrhsmusic.ticketleap.com and follow the instructions:

A. Select the performance that you wish to purchase tickets for (Friday Night, Saturday Matinee, Saturday Night, Sunday Matinee)

B. Select either a section (Orchestra Center, Orchestra Left, Orchestra Right, Mezzanine Center, Mezzanine Right, Mezzanine Left) under “Find Best Seats Available” or “Choose Your Own Seats” from the Somerset Berkley Regional High School Performing Arts Center Seating Chart (only available on computers; not on mobile devices or tablets)

C. Select the quantity of each type of ticket that you are ordering (Adult = $15 + $1.75 fee, Students = $12 + $1.60 fee, Children = $12 + $1.60 fee, Senior Citizens = $12 + $1.60 fee)

D. Select Checkout, Fill out your information, and follow payment procedures

E. Upon Checkout Completion, be sure to visit the link in the email sent to you, print your tickets, and be sure to bring them with you to the show (selfie-ticket option on mobile devices are also acceptable)


2. SBRHS Student Dining Hall Ticket Sales and Reservations during all three lunches

Tickets will be on sale during all three lunches in the SBRHS Student Dining Hall starting on Monday, April 30, 2018 and through to Friday, May 11, 2018.

3. Visit the SBRHS Performing Center Box Office starting 2 hours before each performance and throughout each performance


We are printing our program book for the production to help defray the costs of these performances. We are currently asking for your help in purchasing an advertisement in this year’s program! There are 4 different ads that can be purchased.


Full Page Ad (Business or Personal) for $100 each

1/2 Page Ad (Business or Personal) for $75 each

1/4 Page Ad (Business or Personal) for $50 each

Friends or Family “One Liner Messages” (Personal) for $10 each

Information regarding purchasing an advertisement and instructions on what types of photo, logo and/or image files can be included are outlined in the document linked below.

Miss Saigon Program Advertisement Information

Thank you in advance for considering supporting our young performers. All proceeds go to support the Drama Department.

At the show, purchase one of our Backstage Kisses for sale $5 each

send a “Good Luck Message” and some Hersey’s Kisses to a member of the cast and crew

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2018 Spring Musical PLAYBILL

Click here to view the “Miss Saigon: School Edition” Virtual PlaybillPlaybill Cover

2018 Spring Musical Cast

Christopher Scott – Jonah Salamon

Kim – Alex Celia / Molly Sullivan

The Engineer – Kevin Correa

Ellen – Paige Capone / Delaney Wilson

John Thomas – Ethan Lazaro

Gigi Van Tranh – Rachel Ochoa / Jillian Levesque

Thuy – Zackary Almeida

Assistant Commissar – Justin Seney

Club Owner – Ashton Rutkowski

Marine Captain – Jaden Cranshaw

Tam – David Foehr III

Mimi – Julia Ahaesy

Yvette – Emily Nawrocki

Yvonne – Catherine Botelho

Fifi – Julia Ahaesy

Dominique – Meghan King

Miss. Chinatown – Heavenlee Medina

Dancers – Kara Kanuse (Captain), Catherine Corcoran, Faith Costa, Rebecca Donovan, Madisyn Duggan, Mackenzie Hill, Abigail Martel, Abigail Matos, Heavenlee Medina, Mackenzie Reis

Featured Choir – Lindsey Arruda, Catherine Botelho, Rebecca Donovan, Mackenzie Hill, Jennifer Jeanmarie, Emma Medeiros, Heavenlee Medina, Lizzie Newman, Erin Rapoza, Mackenzie Reis, Lauren Rezendes, Owen Sawyer, Parker Sowersby, Caleb Tavares de Almeida, Mason Theis

Ensemble – Brigette Alves, Emily Cleary, Samantha Coray, Riley Diffley, Preston Khoury, Hannah Kulpa-Santos

2018 Spring Musical Production Team and Tech Crew

Producer, Technical Director, Pit Orchestra Director – Mr. David M. Marshall

Co-Director, Co-Choreographer – Mr. Lennie Machado

Co-Director, Vocal Director – Mr. Samuel M. Bianco

Co-Choreographer – Mrs, Loralee Levesque

Student Director – Julia Aheasy

Stage Manager – Caitlyn Oliveira

Production Secretary – Jillian Platt

Assistant Technical Director, Lighting Board Operator – David M. Marshall, Jr.

Lighting Design – Mr. David M. Marshall, David M. Marshall, Jr., Madison Pierce

Soundboard Operator – Mr. Brian Johnson

Spotlight Operators – Madison Pierce, Zachary Taylor

Light & Sound Technicians – Kaitlyn Belanger, Delaney Brandzen, Noah Mello

Stage Crew – Sorelle Alzaibak, Abbey Botelho, Quinn Brophy, Veronica Labanca, Joel Marcucilli, Emma Ternes, Sydney Wood

Costume Design – Mr. Lennie Machado

Costume Crew – Brandon Abrams, Victoria Andrade

Make-Up Crew – Kaitlyn Belanger, Rachel Borges

Prop Supervisor – Sarah Marshall

Prop Crew – Delaney Brandzen, Jillian Cabral, Jacob Matos, AJ Nascimento, Evan Pelletier, Kayla St. Pierre

Program Design – Mr. David M. Marshall

Publicity – Mr. David M. Marshall & Mrs. Isidoro’s History of Broadway Class

Publicity Poster Design – Mr. David M. Marshall

Poster, Playbill Cover & T-Shirt Production – Amy King – King Design

Production Billboards – Mallard Printing

Set Design – Mr. David M. Marshall , Mr. Lennie Machado

Set Construction, Decorators, Art Crew – Mr. David M. Marshall, Mr. Samuel M. Bianco, Mr. Lennie Machado, Quinn Brophy, Veronica Labanca, Joel Marcucilli, Nathan Woodworth

Ushers – Nina Almeida, Sorelle Alzaibak, Victoria Andrade, Devon Barros, Amber Holt, Samantha Schecter, Sydney Wood

Online Ticket Set-Up & Maintenance – Mr. David M. Marshall

Box Office Personnel – Mr. David M. Marshall, Mrs. Carrie A. Marshall, and Mrs. Isidoro’s History of Broadway Class

Video Production – Blue Raider Studios

 2018 Spring Musical Orchestra

Violin 1 – Miss. Audra Arruda, Autumn Rayray

Violin 2 – Emily Belisle, Hannah Carneiro, Erin Murphy

Viola – Julia Canuel

Cello – Abigail Collins

Flute, Piccolo – Mr. Glenn Silvia

Oboe, English Horn – Miss. Alyssa Wojdag

Bb Clarinet – Brooke Cleathero

Alto Saxophone – Bailey Collins

Baritone Saxophone – Adam Oehmen

French Horn – Mrs. Emily Thibault

Trombone – Mr. Jarrod Russell

Flugelhorn, Trumpet – Holly Dion

Trumpet – Matthew Rausch

Keyboard 1 – David Rausch

Keyboard 2 – Mr. Mark Colozzi

Keyboard 3 – Dalton Neilan

Bass Guitar – Nicholas Taylor

Percussion 1 – Julie Beaulieu

Percussion 2 – Lori Viveiros