“Electrify” Show Choir

2017-2018 SBRHS “Electrify” Show Choir

Director: Samuel M Bianco

Choreographer: Greg “Bubba” Bussiere

Pit Band Director: David M. Marshall

Dance Technician: Taiylor Medina

President: Kevin Correia

Dance Captain: Kara Kanuse

Dance Captain: Alex Celia

Dance Captain: Jonah Salamon

Soprano Section Leader: Alex Celia

Mezzo Section Leader: Catherine Casey

Alto Section Leader: Julia Ahaesy

Tenor Section Leader: Jonah Salamon

Bass Section Leader: Kevin Correia


Electrify is Somerset Berkley’s Premiere Mixed Show Choir currently made up of 60 singers and dancers. This season Electrify will be performing a show about the hardships of war and the dedication of the members of our armed forces.

Electrify rehearses from September through April every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:05-5:30 There is also a one-week “camp” for show choir this summer August 21-25 in the PAC from 9am-3pm each day.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email me at biancos@sbregional.org

This years members are:

Julia Ahaesy

Laura-Kate Aheasy

Zach Almeida

Lindsey Arruda

Cailey Aspden

Michaela Cabral

Matt Cady

Kelly Calvano

Maia Calvano

Paige Capone

Jack Caron

Catherine Casey

Alex Celia

Tiffany Chasse

Kate Corcoran

Kevin Correa

Faith Costa

Ricardo Cruz

Riley Diffley

Rebecca Donovan

Madi Duggan

Alejandro Escobar

Kaitlyn Ferriera

Emma Guillotte

Sarah Hall

Mackenzie Hill

Leo James

Jennifer Jeanmarie

Kara Kanuse

Meghan King

Chase Lanouette

Ethan Lazaro

Jillian Levesque

Eric Logan

Zack Lucas

Joel Marcacilli

Kaitlyn Marzilli

Jada Mattos

Madison Mcneil

Emma Medieros

Heaven Medina

Nathan Jarry

Emily Nawrocki

Daniel Nieves

Caitlyn Olivera

Guy Parenteau

Drew Parker

Mackenzie Reis

Micaela Rennick

Ian Rodriguez

Savannah Rose

Ashton Rutkowski

Jonah Salamon

Owen Sawyer

Justin Seney

Jocelyn Silva

Parker Sowersby

Molly Sullivan

Mason Theis

Cruz Whiting

Delaney Wilson